Our Frequently Asked Questions about our Service and Private Obstetricians


Do I need a referral to Sunshine Obstetrics

Yes, you will need a referral from a GP before your pregnancy care appointments with our midwives or our private obstetricians.  

However if you would just like to learn more about our private pregnancy care services we offer a meet and greet with a midwife and you do not need a referral for this appointment.  All appointments are at our clinic in Buderim, Sunshine Coast.

Do I get to choose my own obstetrician?

Sunshine Obstetrics is a shared care model for private pregnancy care and therefore you may see different private obstetricians for each of your appointments and birth.  However you should feel confident in the care provided by all our specialist as they are very well respected and trusted on the Sunshine Coast. Meet our team.

Is there any additional costs I need to know about?

We are 100% transparent with our costs at Sunshine Obstetrics.  The total out of pocket costs, that is after medicare rebates is $990 for our private pregnancy care.  =This is including all appointments with our private obstetricians and midwives.  However, patients must have access to Medicare and have current private pregnancy healthcare cover.  There may be additional out of pocket costs but these are generally services not provided by Sunshine Obstetrics.  To learn more on cost - click here.

I am already seeing another private obstetrician or pregnancy care centre, can I still be a patient?

Yes, we will see all patients throughout their pregnancy.  However patients must have private health cover for pregnancy and be eligible for Medicare for the out of pocket costs to be $990. If you transfer your care to Sunshine Obstetrics during your pregnancy you will still be required to pay the costs associated with your care.  Please contact our admin team to understand costs associated with your current gestation period. -Contact Us

Meet and Greet with a Midwife

If you would like to ask more questions about our private pregnancy care our private obstetricians or meet with a midwife, we offer a meet and greet appointment.  All appointments are at our Buderim clinic on the Sunshine Coast.