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Affordable Private Obstetric Care

Sunshine Obstetrics care about you and the costs associated with choosing a private obstetrician for your pregnancy care.  This is why our shared care model offers you uncompromised care at affordable prices. Throughout your pregnancy, birth and postnatal care our team of midwives and private obstetricians will work in collaboration to provide you with the best care during your pregnancy journey.  We offer all our antenatal and postnatal appointments, including planning and management for $990* total out of pocket costs. Our clinic is located in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast

$990* out of pocket for all our Servcies

Our Care Model

Your First Appointment


Once you have obtained a referral from your GP your very first appointment will be with one of our experienced midwives who will welcome you to our practice, take your medical history and discuss any questions you may have about your pregnancy care. This is a really exciting time in your pregnancy and our caring team are there to help ensure your pregnancy journey is the best it can be. 

Obstetrician Appointment


Your next appointment will be with one of our private obstetricians.  During this appointment our specialist will review your history, do the standard pregnancy checks, and review any blood test and scans that you may have already.  Our specialists use this appointment to ensure you feel comfortable and confident in the pregnancy care that will be provided to you.  

Ongoing Private Pregnancy Appointments

 During your pregnancy care you can expect up to 17 appointments with our midwives and private obstetricians. Our team will work in collaboration to ensure your care is our priority.  The exact number of appointments will be determined by the number of weeks pregnant you are when referred to Sunshine Obstetrics, how often our obstetricians may determine is needed for your individual situation and when you birth.

Postnatal Appointments


Following your pregnancy we look forward to welcoming you back to Sunshine Obstetrics for your postnatal visits and cuddle with your new baby.  You will have an appointment with a midwife first who can assist you with any feeding, sleeping, settling issues and answer any questions you may have following your birth.  Additionally you will have a postnatal check up with one of our private obstetricians at 6 weeks. 

Shared Model of Private Obstetric Care

 As we are a shared care model you will not be able to request a particular obstetrician to see during your appointments or birth.  You are in very good hands however as our team of obstetricians are very well respected and trusted healthcare professionals on the Sunshine Coast, who will work together to ensure your pregnancy journey is the very best it can be.  

$990* out of pocket for All OUr Services



Our specialist will work on an on-call, rotational roster for all Sunshine Obstetric patient births.  Our private obstetricians have agreements with most private health funds and will offer privately insured patients a no gap cover for births, this is including caesarean sections. We choose the Buderim Private Hospital, Sunshine Coast to birth our patients. To learn more about any additional birthing cost click here.

*$990 is based on patients who have access to Medicare and have private pregnancy health cover. ($990 covers pregnancy care with our midwives and private obstetricians.  There may be additionally out of pocket costs for birthing, click here to learn more.